Christopher Pease, Target 3, 2018, 155x290cm

Belonging: Stories of Australian Art at NGA

July 3, 2020 - June 30, 2021

Christopher Pease‘s Target 3, features in Belonging: Stories of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Australia

This major collection presentation recasts the story of nineteenth-century Australian art. Informed by the many voices of Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures and communities, the display reconsiders Australia’s history of colonisation. It draws together historical and contemporary work created by more than 170 artists from across Australia. – NGA

Target 3 was acquired by NGA in 2019 and is a feature of their permanent collection.

Target 3 originates from Pease’s body of work Minang Boodjar, which featured at Gallerysmith in 2019.

“Armed with a combination of colonial imagery, library records and historical documents, Pease confronts the white settler accounts of history. Herein lies the strength of his work; using western frames of reference to lay bare inconsistencies. He invites a deep questioning of the myths propagated by early explorers – and indeed their claim on land which had been home to the Minang/Nyoongar for many thousands of years.” – Marita Smith, 2019