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Adriane Strampp
Adriane Strampp's works examine the subtleties and nuances of memory and experience through poetic imagery and personal mythology.
Belinda Fox
Belinda Fox's delicately rendered works in both painting and printmaking, explore fragility and global concerns.
Catherine Nelson
Catherine Nelson combines photography and digital technology to create immersive images which express her experience of the world.
Charmaine Pike, Toqueville, Acrylic On Board, 120x120cm
Charmaine Pike
Charmaine Pike's gestural and expressive painting practice explores drama and psychological tension in the landscape.
Christopher Pease, Target 3, 2018, 155x290cm
Christopher Pease
As an Australian artist of Indigenous and European heritage, Christopher Pease's painting practice explores the relationship between these two cultures through archived colonial imagery.
Clinton Naina, Passive Aggressive Power - Beautiful Rags, 2019, Dimensions Variable Detail
Clinton Naina
Clinton Naina is a Melbourne painter, dancer and storyteller whose works address the dark aspects of colonisation.
Dadang Christanto, Wuku, 30x20x20cm
Dadang Christanto
Dadang Christanto is an internationally acclaimed Indonesian artist whose painting and installation practice honours the victims of crimes against humanity.
Dena Kahan, Still Life With Dianthus And Bee, 2019, 66x93cm
Dena Kahan
Dena Kahan's delicate oil paintings are a meditation on the desire for order, which explore the links between subject and materiality.
Emma Walker
Through an active engagement with the natural world, Emma Walker’s works are meditations on environment.
Eva Fernandez
Eva Fernandez' photographic practice is essentially concerned with the cultural legacy of colonialism and imperialism.
Fiona Hiscock
Fiona Hiscock's large-scale ceramic sculptural bowls and vessels are used primarily as a surface for painting native species of flora.
Ian Friend
Ian Friend is an English-born, Australian artist whose subtle, evocative works on paper reflect his longstanding engagement with jazz, poetry and architecture.
Isobel Clement
Isobel Clement is a still life painter who works with a reduced palette to create elegant compositions with a focus on form and balance.
Jennifer Goodman
Jennifer Goodman's interests in colour theory and geometric abstraction inform her painting practice, resulting in refined and seductive large-scale paintings.
Junko Go, Some People Perversely Like To Eat Raw Cake Mixture…, 101x168cm
Junko Go
Junko Go's lyrical paintings reflect an interest in eastern philosophy as an expression of what it is to be human.
Kate Ballis
Kate Ballis' colour drenched images of utopian landscapes use infra-red technology to bring a unique understanding of a particular place.
Kirrily Hammond, Rotselaar Field, Oil On Linen, 31x31cm
Kirrily Hammond
Kirrily Hammond's practice encompasses painting, printmaking and drawing to create sensitive interpretations of her surroundings.
Lori Pensini
Lori Pensini's painting practice engages with aspects of environment and explores complex familial relations in pastoral Australia.
Lynda Draper, White Lion, 2017, Hand-built Earthenware, Glazes, 47x30x30cm
Lynda Draper
Primarily an object maker working in the ceramics medium, Lynda Draper is one of Australia's most celebrated contemporary ceramicists.
Ngaio Lenz, #122, 2017, Mixed Media On Canvas, 122x122cm
Ngaio Lenz
As an abstract and installation artist, Lenz' collages, paintings and assemblages explore the effect of time and weathering, while expressing the beauty found in imperfection.
Rachel Coad
Rachel Coad's large scale figurative works in sepia tones create a sense of nostalgia.
Sam Michelle
Sam Michelle's still-life paintings offer a fresh interpretation of a traditional genre.
Sue Lovegrove, No. 509, 2013, Acrylic And Gouache On Canvas, 130x180cm
Sue Lovegrove
Sue Lovegrove expresses an intimate experience of the landscape, often from isolated and remote locations such as Antarctica & Macquarie Island.
Tim Allen, Passage, 112x91cm
Tim Allen
Tim Allen's raw gestural works pay homage to the majesty of nature.
Waldemar Kolbusz
Waldemar Kolbusz's rich and sumptuous works explore both expressive and figurative elements of painting.
Wilma Tabacco
With a practice spanning four decades, Wilma Tabacco uses abstraction to explore her cultural heritage.
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