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ARTISTS | Sue Lovegrove


Sue Lovegrove’s painting practice reflects an intimate and personal experience of landscape; often remote and isolated places that are relatively free of the presence of human beings. Antarctica, Macquarie Island, Maatsuyker Island and Tasman Island, and places where the weather and the wildlife dominate, and where the balance and order is still in favour of the natural world.

Lovegrove’s delicate and layered mark-making on canvas explores the patterning and rhythms of the land. At times delicate, soft and wispy and other times sharp and harsh. Her delicate painted linework can become suggestive of sound, text, inscriptions of weather, hair, nests, or habitats, communicate something about the strength as well as fragility and the transience of the natural world.

Born in Adelaide in 1962, Lovegrove completed a Bachelor and PhD at the ANU in Canberra. She lives in Tasmania.



The Memory of Water | Sue Lovegrove

Using traditional techniques of Persian miniature illustration, Sue Lovegrove's new works are intimate works which chart quiet observations of moments in time. Each pairing of 8x4cm paintings present like pages in an open book that might rest in the palm of one’s hands.
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