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ARTISTS | Junko Go


In a quest to find universal values, Junko Go’s paintings are not tied to a particular art movement. Instead, they possess a unique aesthetic encompassing elements of painting, drawing and storytelling that combine her Japanese heritage with the Australian vernacular. An interest in dualism results in works that are simultaneously abstract and figurative, simple and complex.

Go’s paintings provide the opportunity to meander, search, rest, analyse; what at first glance appears a simple motif becomes a multifaceted story, woven over time by layers of paint and intertwining imagery.

Born near Kyoto in Japan, Go left Japan for New York, where she studied art for three years, and came to Australia in 1992 where she continued her studies at the University of Tasmania. She is based in Launceston.

Junko Go, Half Full and Half Empty, 122x122cm


2017, me and my beautiful ugly cakes

2015, unstill life

2013, one + one

2012, Another Kind of Fable


Me and My Beautiful Ugly Cakes | Junko Go

Me and My Beautiful Ugly Cakes Junko Go 25 May - 24 June, 2017

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