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Gallerysmith is delighted to announce that we now represent Jane Guthleben.

Jane Guthleben is an environmental devotee, and known in art circles for her still life paintings of native plants, birds and insects. By following the voyages of British and other early botantists and explorers who collected and documented native flora and fauna, Guthleban places greater scrutiny on Australia’s historical and environmental past by bringing into focus species which have since become extinct. Her robust and elaborate works often take their compositional cues from the Dutch Golden Age, Guthleban’s palette plays nostalgically on 1950s kitsch and sun-drenched Australian light.

Growing up in Gippsland, Jane Guthleben later moved to NSW and undertook a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honours at the University of New South Wales in 2015. She has been selected for numerous award exhibitions including The Archibald Prize in 2020 with a portrait of Annabel Crabb, and features in the acclaimed published volume of Australian still life painters by Amber Cresswell Bell.

​It gives us great pleasure to welcome Jane!

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