Lisa Sewards | DRIFTW O O D

‘DRIFTW O  O   D is my new body of work that echos displacement.  Silhouettes of human figures traverse and drift over atmospheric mountains and sea forests.  My inspiration is drawn from murmurs of family memories and beautiful pertinent words in poetry.  Paths of migration and displacement occurs on land and in oceans and often create journeys in search of new beginnings and growth, or due to war, natural disasters, or sometimes following in the footsteps of family.   Each of these works on paper are solar plate etchings encompassing plate creation, followed by considerate applications of intaglio inks in rich dark blue and black hues and then hand pulled through my etching press.  Several of the larger works are also hand worked using gouache paint.  Each composition in DRIFTW O  O   D presents a visual narrative for personal contemplation.’