KATE BALLIS | Atlantis Revisited

Kate Ballis has been exploring her heritage via the mythologies of the lost lands. Her father was born in Crete, which she aligned with Atlantis.

“I started the project by researching a lot of the mythologies and explorations surrounding Atlantis and the story I wanted to tell was an amalgamation of Plato’s story of Atlantis in Timaeus and Critias (c 360BCE), the history of the Minoan Civilisation and the new age concepts of Atlantis.  It’s a story of a civilisation that was intensely connected to nature and the cycles of the year, but then lost their connection to mother earth and were instead enticed by greed and technology.” – Kate Ballis

This series is shot with a digital camera converted to full spectrum with an infrared filter. This exhibition is the first from Ballis’s ongoing exploration into Atlantis.