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Presented as part of a public panel event on Indigenous voices and climate change,  the UK/Australian Season of Culture programme has selected Gallerysmith artist Clinton Naina to complete a commission work for King’s College, London. Indigenous Perspectives of Fire in Australia is a collaboration between the Leverhulme Centre for Wildfires, Environment and Society (King’s College London Department of Geography), the Centre for Visual Arts at the University of Melbourne, and the Arts Cabinet.

Clinton’s stunning bleach on cotton work captures the cultural and ecological significance of fire and its relationship with the Australian landscape and climate change from a unique Torres Strait Islander perspective.

It will be exhibited in London as part of the Leverhulme program and be acquired by the Leverhulme Centre for Wildfires, Environment and Society until the end of the Centre’s funding period in 2029, afterwhich ownership will be transferred to the Centre of Visual Arts, the University of Melbourne.

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