Gallerysmith is delighted to announce that we now represent Neville French.

There is no doubt that Neville French is one of Australia’s most revered classical ceramicists. His elegant, pared down porcelain structures explore a sincere engagement with the environment, paying homage to vast topographies, and silent, spiritual landscapes.

A guiding principle of French’s work is the transformative effect of light on surface planes, yet his works summon the eye across solid forms and into hollow spaces. By gently manipulating his thrown vessels French has developed a unique visual language, in an attempt to distil the very essence of place. This relationship is further grounded through hand-crafted glazes created from materials which French personally mines at various locations around Australia.

Neville French is a celebrated artist whose work is held in various state and national institutions such as the National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria (please refer to his CV for a comprehensive list). He works in both solo and collaborative capacities, and continues to nurture a creative dialogue with fellow Gallerysmith artist and printmaker Belinda Fox.