Andrew Seward, The Studio (detail), 176x146cm

The Studio | Andrew Seward

MAY 28, 2016 - JULY 9, 2016

Andrew Seward‘s latest exhibition, The Studio, is an ambitious body of work that demonstrates the breadth and depth of his artistic practice.

Comprising multiple vast detailed drawing investigations (up to 9m long), watercolour pigment-studies, assemblages of found objects and vintage jigsaw puzzle collages, this exhibition seeks to dismantle and reassemble the technical processes and conceptual parameters of art-making.

Seward says, “Each of these works is a concentration on a particular moment of thought or feeling. All have been assembled from fragments of one sort or another as an approximation of that impulse. They are ‘scale models’ of something complete and unbroken. Not the real thing, just my attempt at a resemblance.”