Charmaine Pike, Intergalactic, Acrylic on board, 90x122cm

Pandemonium | Charmaine Pike

NOVEMBER 18, 2016 - DECEMBER 10, 2016

My landscapes mostly look inwards exploring psychological tension. Whilst never peopled, I personify each form as I’m painting, conscious of how they are relating to each other in a particular space. Themes are playing out of aspects of the human condition, alienation and isolation, loneliness, conflict, despair, struggle. Offset with humour at times by comical composition and absurd object pairings. Nature is an obvious inspiration. I currently live on the border of a great expanse of bushland in the Lower Blue Mountains West of Sydney. But I am mostly untrue to nature in that I play at distorting form and colour and line in an attempt at creating a unique language.

 Charmaine Pike