Limen | Adriane Strampp

Limen | Adriane Strampp

JUNE 21, 2018 - JULY 21, 2018

Latin limin-, limen

A threshold below which a stimulus is not perceived or is not distinguished from another.

Adriane Strampp’s process begins with a collection of photographs, obscure and obscured source material, a compilation of information gathered from places once visited which continue to have some pull or gravitas.

In her studio, fragments of reference material are rearranged, merged and edited to create a new ambiguous reality and a sense of discord; a response painted from the artist’s personal experiences and broader response to the current global climate.

There is also a playfulness with scale in her work; small things are sometimes made monumental while the monumental can also be represented in a small format. The painterly process oscillates between depictions of real and explorations of the material: not all is at it seems.