Cloud Memory | Sue Lovegrove

Cloud Memory | Sue Lovegrove

JUNE 20, 2013 - JULY 20, 2013

Sue Lovegrove’s paintings from the last few years have translated her experiences from wild and remote islands including Macquarie Island, Maatsuyker Island and most recently Tasman island – an uninhabited, windy, cliff-walled, isolated island off the South East coast of Tasmania.

She has visited Tasman Island several times to investigate the aesthetics of wind and how it imprints onto the animate and intangible; the flora, landscape or our own bodies.

Her 2011 series, titled The Shape of the Wind, explored the effect of wind on the native grasses on the windswept Tasman Island. More recently, she has become interested in the spatial form of air movement in the sky.

This current group of paintings Cloud Memory, focuses on the transitory form of clouds. The way clouds take shape and then dissolve into scribbles, explosions and loops – like writing the wind in sky. Lovegrove thinks of these forms as metaphors for states of being, quietly alluding to ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ a 14th Century religious text that presents a series of meditations on emptying out the mind – ‘a cloud of forgetting’.