Lori Pensini, Bloom, 150x150cm

Bloom | Lori Pensini

SEPTEMBER 6, 2018 - OCTOBER 6, 2018


This body of works is as much an exploration of our colonial culture as it is my own identity. It is a tale of resilience, of the pride and prejudices against social and political injustices of early Australia and the tries and tribulations of rural settlement.

Meet my cousins. They are painted in Yangerdin country, in the south west of West Australia where my pioneering story begins. They are wearing dresses made from the banksia ashbyi, a metaphoric fabric representing the spirit and resilience, the mettle through the ages, of the women in our family. The flower spikes and fruiting cones have born, in feast and famine drought and downpour, buds of great beauty and artistry in their capacity to overcome adversity.

Botanical forms are a prominent and integral part of my artwork.  They are often multi-dimensional as they profile the living physical elements of the Australian landscape whilst being metaphors for the spiritual and intellectual context. Our psychological response to our environment is a constant muse and thread to my pieces.
– Lori Pensini