Rendering Chance | Lee Salomone

Rendering Chance | Lee Salomone

MARCH 4, 2023 - APRIL 2, 2023

“We were raised in a religious family and I seem to have inherited the found object calling. They fling themselves at me, landing between my feet, or gently tap me on the shoulder. Even in faraway continents they speak in dialects that I understand. Their requests are always identical – insisting to be transformed. A random & individual path opens when you listen to these requests, and I seem to have evolved into an editor of the found.

Over a thirty-year practice I have learnt to be a conduit for, and a collaborator with, chance. An unpredictable partner in life; in art, chance disrupts your making pattern, leaving the door open to uncertainty. This transmuting of the unknown is what keeps me working in this combinatory manner.

Nature breaks down and reuses remnant matter, and the process of repurposing discarded materials from daily life into art, is as important as the final work. These found materials are a starting point, the task is to listen and shape their individual voices toward poetic new meanings and associations.”

Lee Salomone