Influorescence | Kate Ballis and Tom Blachford

Influorescence | Kate Ballis and Tom Blachford

NOVEMBER 3, 2023 - DECEMBER 2, 2023

Taking its name from the portmanteau of inflorescence and fluorescent, this new series is a collaboration between creative and life partners Kate Ballis and Tom Blachford.

Influorescence captures flowers grown from bulb or seed in the couple’s garden and shot in a black box studio under ultra-violet light. The collaboration combines Ballis’ photographic quest to make seen the unseen and Blachford’s mastery of long exposure photography.

The resultant works explode with colour and movement, and transforms each bloom into a wondrous microcosm that is reminiscent of giant constellations and far off galaxies, twinkling with stars of dust and exploding with pollen supernovas. In a nod to the evocative and majestic nature of these images, each botanical specimen has been assigned an astrological  title.