Ian Friend, Here Love Ends, 2010-2011, oil on linen, 120x240cm

But These Things Also | Ian Friend

SEPTEMBER 8, 2011 - OCTOBER 8, 2011

Poetry has been a constant source of inspiration for Ian Friend throughout his 35 year career and the title of this exhibition is drawn from poetry by English poet Edward Thomas (1878-1917)…

But these things also are spring’s –

On banks by the roadside the grass

Long-dead that is greyer now

Than all the winter it was;


The shell of a little snail bleached

In the grass: chip of flint, and mite

Of chalk; and the small bird’s dung

In splashes of purest white: … (an excerpt)

This poem, and Friend’s current body of paintings, pays homage to the Southern chalk downs landscape in England which nurtured the artist in his childhood and youth. The gestural subtlety expressed in these works references the remembered joy of chasing butterflies and the delight of childhood reverie.