The Cloth We Share | Gosia Wlodarczak

The Cloth We Share | Gosia Wlodarczak

JULY 15, 2022 - AUGUST 20, 2022

Gosia Wlodarczak is a Melbourne-based performance artist with an international reputation that spans more than three decades. Her time-based work has been performed in the USA, Singapore, Belgium, England, Germany, Russia, her birth country of Poland and extensively throughout Australia since immigrating here in 1994.

Wlodarczak’s drawing performances, usually developed over a number of days, see her making hundreds of thousands of marks on architectural surfaces and objects within a space; walls and ceilings (shadow drawings), windows (frost drawings) and furniture (dustcovers), in an attempt to capture the ‘continuous present’ of her surroundings. The accumulated lines, often overlapping and intertwined, record her experiences and observations of the everyday, capturing and recording in real time what the eye sees.

This new exhibition presents a survey of performance drawings created during shared table experiences over the past two decades. Each of the works in The Cloth We Share offers a bird’s eye perspective of a tablecloth which was once occupied by friends and acquaintances of the artist.

Wlodarczak utilises drawing as a process rather than a final destination. The narrative of a finished work traces a relationship between artist and participant, drawing time and space, being and becoming, and figure and ground.