Plain Speak | Art Gallery of Western Australia

Plain Speak | Art Gallery of Western Australia

FEBRUARY 25, 2017 - AUGUST 13, 2017

Part one: Plain Speak launches a new annual series at AGWA, Everyone has a history, presenting compelling personal stories told through art.

Christopher Pease‘s painting, Nyoogar Dreaming (1999) features in the inaugural show, which puts Indigenous artists in the spotlight. Curator Carly Lane brings together 50 works that explore stories that “have to be told”.

Plain Speak presents personal stories that demand to be told. Whether it’s a grand tale or something intimate as a diary, these are stories and histories that will provoke a response and resonate with the audience. The Indigenous voice, the Indigenous sensibility as you’ve never encountered it before. Up close and personal.

Christopher Pease, Nyoogar Dreaming, 1999, oil on canvas, 115x150cm, collection of AGWA