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About Gallerysmith

Gallerysmith has been recognised name in the visual arts for 15 years. Since 2008, the gallery has developed a strong reputation for showcasing artists with international reputations and important mid-career artists while also successfully shaping the careers of younger practitioners. Founding director Marita Smith’s former career as curator of public art collections, coupled with her degrees in Architecture (Fine Art) and post grad Museum Studies provided a firm foundation for her to become a gallerist. Gallerysmith artists are regularly selected for awards, curated exhibitions and acquired by public gallery collections. Gallerysmith’s list of represented artists is carefully selected to uphold the gallery’s vision of presenting work which has enduring cultural value.

Gallerysmith presents a rotating program of contemporary art exhibitions across our spacious galleries by a hand-picked group of represented artists. We also present regular on-line exhibitions and work on off-site projects.

In addition to our white-walled gallery spaces, our annexe space provides a light-filled space to exhibit ceramics. This unique combination of gallery spaces within our building allows us to present a broad cross-section of art, making your visit a rich and fulfilling experience.

Our large double-storey converted warehouse is also home to a number of artists’ studios. Though the studios are not open to the public, they contribute to our energetic creative hub in the heart of North Melbourne. All up, our building supports the careers of more than forty creative individuals.

Gallerysmith’s team lead by Director Marita Smith are as passionate about guiding first-time buyers at the start their art journey, as they are when working with seasoned art collectors and curators. They also assist interior designers, stylists and architects to make considered choices for their projects. We are undying advocates for the visual arts and our artists, and we consciously choose to only work with artists they truly believe in.

We invite you to stay in touch via instagram @gallerysmith_, facebook or to join our mailing list (on the contact us page) for advance notice of all of our exhibitions. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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