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ARTISTS | Ngaio Lenz


Ngaio Lenz’ work reflects nostalgia for the discarded; a reclamation of the past lives of found objects.

Informed by the natural processes of weather, time, cause and effect, Lenz celebrates the beauty of a well-worn surface and an aesthetic of imperfection. Her works are developed as visceral responses to her environment, ambiguous organic forms emerge from a play on negative and positive space; balancing, teetering, barely touching yet she creates tension between the shapes. The varied materials she uses are subjected to layering, peeling, scraping, scratching, heat and abrasion, in a similar way in which the earth’s surface is exposed to the elements of fire, wind and water. Lenz’ process is equally accidental and purposeful, intuitive and thoughtful. As paint is applied, then scratched and scraped back, a narrative is generated and a layering of history is revealed.

Ngaio Lenz, artwork from An Imperfect Balance, 152x182cm



Heartland | Ngaio Lenz

In an inadvertent nod to the slow-art movement, Heartland reveals paintings which express the memory of time, reflecting upon the flaws which appear along life’s long journey.
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Born Townsville. Lives and works in Melbourne and Mackay, Australia

Masters of Contemporary Art (High Distinction), UTAS

Solo Exhibitions

Heartland, Gallerysmith, Melbourne, VIC (February)

An imperfect balance, Gallerysmith, Melbourne, VIC
Papercut garden, Boom Gallery, Geelong, VIC

Landscape narratives, Gallerysmith, Melbourne, VIC
My head is a vessel, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
Equilibrium, Regional Arts House, Brisbane, QLD
Cactus garden, Boom Gallery, Geelong, VIC

Balance, Milton House Gallery, Mackay, QLD
Kept Things, Artspace Mackay, Mackay, QLD
Balance, Percolator Gallery, Brisbane, QLD

Terrafirm, Boom Gallery, Geelong, VIC
Memoirs of a room, Art at St Francis, Melbourne, VIC

Back to the room, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
Modern essays of a room, Umbrella Studios, Townsville, QLD
A room in time, Hand Held Gallery, Melbourne, VIC

Group Exhibitions


  • The Memory of Time, curated by Swee Lim, SJB, Melbourne


  • Towards Abstraction, Gallerysmith, Melbourne
  • Artist Open House, Fremantle WA


  • Winter Solstice, Gallerysmith, Melbourne


  • Libras Artists Book Exhibition, Artspace, Mackay, QLD
  • Subject matters, Artspace, Mackay, QLD
  • Scissors paper rock, Milton House Gallery, Mackay, QLD
  • Art on show, Show Society, Mackay, QLD
  • Lethbridge 10000, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane, QLD
  • Small works, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, QLD
  • Urban portraits, Architype Gallery, Sydney, NSW
  • Art on show, Mackay Show Society, Mackay, QLD
  • Water’s Edge, Travelling Exhibition, Mackay, Cairns, Townsville, QLD
  • Subject matters 2, Artspace, Mackay, QLD
  • Artstreet, Mackay, QLD
  • Libras Artists Book Exhibition, Artspace, Mackay, QLD
  • Tropical Abstractions, Arthouse Gallery, Mackay, QLD
  • Great walks, Artspace, Mackay, QLD



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