ARTISTS | Martin King


Martin King occupies an important place in printmaking in Australia. Known as one of the leading printmakers in the country he is also the senior printmaker at Australian Print Workshop, a position he has held since 1994.

King’s wide-ranging art practice is underpinned conceptually by an abiding interest in the Australian landscape, most visibly by making connections between land, sea and air.

King’s earlier works on paper traced the movement of rain shadows and the effect of weather patterns across undulating terrain and vast tracts of desert. His more recent works express the fragility of our relationship with nature using creatures of the sky as simple motifs that convey a paradoxical vision of the Australian landscape as both tranquil and unsettling.

Martin King’s works are held in numerous corporate collections, 17 regional gallery and university collections and four state galleries in Australia plus collections in the USA, UK and India.

Martin King, Imperfectly Known, graphite on drafting film, pigment on paper


Blind Faith, 2016

Forest of Dreams, 2015

Stockroom etchings