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Throughout his career, Adam Norton has produced work which challenges perceptions of reality and truth. His trompe l’oeil paintings and institutional-scale installations are dominated by conspiracy theories and science fiction themes which draw on the artist’s sharp wit and irony to disarm and encourage dialogue.

Norton’s major work, which was curated into the 3rd Daejeon Biennale in South Korea in 2016, simulated a “Mars landscape” incorporating red dust, a space yurt, a space bed, and a range of video projections. This important exhibition provided exposure on an international stage and has opened up other opportunities for Norton both here and abroad.

Born in the UK, Adam Norton graduated from the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art at Oxford University in 1987 and currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

Adam Norton, Space Bed


New Earths, 2016

Space POP, 2014

Space Posters, 2013

Space Flags, 2012

Space Bed, 2012

Mars Gravity Simulator, 2012

Extraterrestrial Highway, 2011

Tank Project, 2010

Camouflage Suit Experiment, 2009

Bunkers, 2008




born 1964, UK, lives Sydney


1987       B. Fine Art, The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University, UK

Solo Exhibitions

2017       New Earths, Gallerysmith, Melbourne                

                Open the pod bay doors please HAL, Galerie pompom, Sydney

2015       New Skies, Other Worlds, Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Sydney            

                My Trip to Mars, UTS Gallery, University of Technology, Sydney                 A

                Adam Norton: New Work, Gallery 9, Sydney

2014       Space POP, Gallerysmith, Melbourne 2013      

                 Space Posters, Gallery 9, Sydney

                 Mars Project, Broken Hill Regional Gallery

2011       Extraterrestrial Highway, Gallerysmith, Melbourne

2010       Road Trip, Gallerysmith, Melbourne                

                 Ad Astra, Gallery 9, Sydney

2009       Camouflage Suit Experiment, Gallerysmith, Melbourne

2008       Big Science, Gallery 9, Sydney

2007       UFOlogy, Gallery 9, Sydney

2005       Generic Escape Capsule, MOP Projects, Sydney

                 The Amplified Man Project, Pictura, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

2004       The Amplified Man Project, MOP Projects, Sydney

2003       Blast Goggles and Gas-Proof Snorkel Kit, 3 Foot Square Gallery, Sydney

                 Homemade Devices for Surviving Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Attack,  First Draft Gallery, Sydney

                 101 Ways to Defy Evil and How to Draw Your Way Out of It, Kudos Gallery,

2001       Sexual Butterfingers, The Old Void Gallery, London, UK

1999       Camouflage, John Brown Publishing, London, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017       Beyond Belief: the Sublime in Contemporary Art, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

2016       3rd Biennale Project Daejeon 2016: COSMOS, Daejeon Museum of Art, South Korea

                Black Mist Burnt Country, The S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney, NSW, and nationally to ten venues

                WAR – A Playground Perspective, Armory Gallery, Newington Armory, Sydney

2015       OUTER SPACE, curated by Adam Porter, Casula Powerhouse

                 The dreams our stuff is made of, curated by Jonathan McBurnie, Verge Gallery, Sydney              

                It’s April, Fools, TWENTY THIRTY SEVEN, Sydney Group Show, Gallery 9, Sydney

2014       Conquest of Space: Science Fiction and Contemporary Art, curated by Andrew Frost, COFA Galleries, UNSW, Sydney

2013       Hope of Wrecks, St Albans Museum, St Albans Hertfordshire UK

                Ten out of 10, MOP Projects, Sydney

2012       Sometimes making something leads to something, Kunstvlaai 2012, St Nicolaas Lyceum, Amsterdam, NL

                Crisis Complex, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney

                Streetlevel, Urban Explorers Festival, Dordrecht, NL    

                Hybrid, dna projects, Sydney

                Drawing Lines in the Sand, Cockatoo Island, Sydney

                Group Show: NEW WORK, Gallery 9, Sydney

                Gallerysmith at Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Buildings, Carlton

2011       Zooplasty, Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne

                House Inspection: Interior Motives, Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland

                Awfully Wonderful: Science Fiction in Contemporary Art, Performance Space Sydney                

                Borderline, TarraWarra Museum of Art, curated by Anthony Fitzpatrick

2010       Twenty / 20, UTS Gallery, Sydney and Dubbo Regional Gallery

2009       Adam, Adam, Mitch, Nigel & Ron – Big Painting, Fraser Studios, Sydney

                The Dark Arts, Peloton, Sydney                

                The South North Exchange, Gasworks Arts Park, Melbourne

2008       Stupid Little Dreamer, INFLIGHT, Hobart, Tasmania       

                Tank Project, City of Sydney By George! Art in the Laneways, Sydney

                The Great Reclamation, Pictura, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

2007       Our Lucky Country (still different), Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Gymea

                 The Visitors: The Australian response to UFOs and Aliens, Penrith Regional Gallery

2006       Our Lucky Country (difference), Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

                Eldorado, Downtown, Adelaide

                Flight path, Kings ARI, Melbourne

                SafARI, Pelt, Sydney

                Broken Records, China Heights, Sydney

2005       Brainstorms, GRANTPIRRIE, Sydney

                 Exchange II: Emissions, Purdue University, IN, USA – traveling on to the 4th IMPACT International Print Conference, Berlin and Poznan, Poland

                Not Worried, Raid Projects, LA, USA

2005       Salon de Freehands, Plan b @ Seventh, Melbourne

                 MOP/NEWCASTLE, Rocketart, Newcastle

2004       MOP, Bus Gallery, Melbourne

                 PrintROOM, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

                 Postcard Show, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, St Kilda, Victoria

                 Zippergripper, Medium Rare Gallery, Sydney

                Atrocity Exhibition, First Draft Gallery, Sydney

2003       Resistance is Useless, First Draft Gallery, Sydney

                Destination Drawing, ‘Drawing Connections II’ Drawing Conference, College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, Sydney

2002       Attendi Gallery, London, UK

2001       Corrupt Image, Soho House, London, UK

                Attendi Gallery, London, UK

2000       24 Frames of Separation, video project, London, UK

                Stealth, The Red Gallery, Hull, UK 

1997       It’s Crowded on the Balcony, DFWT Gallery, London, UK

                Open studios, Studio Voltaire, London, UK 

1996       Eyeteeth, DFWT Gallery, London, UK 

1995       Antipodes, The Tannery, London, UK

                Canvas and Camera, The Photographers Association, London, UK

                Antipodes II, Bodgeners Gallery, Harwich, UK


2018       (Upcoming) Artist in residence, 18th Street, Santa Monica, California, USA

                (Upcoming) Work trade residency, A-Z West, Joshua Tree, California, USA

2016       Patonga Artist Residency

                Artist in residence, Waverley Artist Studios

2014       Artist in residence – Artspace, Sydney

                Finalist, Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Arts Centre

2013       Finalist, Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Arts Centre

                Finalist, The Blake Prize, COFA Galleries

2012       Artist in residence, Museums & Galleries NSW, ACR program, Broken Hill Regional Gallery, Broken Hill

                Artist in Residence, Artspace, Sydney

2011       Finalist, 41st Muswellbrook Open Art Prize, Muswellbrook, NSW

                Finalist, The 2011 City of Albany Art Prize, Albany, Western Australia

                Artist in Residence, FraserStudios, Sydney

                NAVA, Artist’s Grant

2009       Finalist, Public Art Commission by Global Switch, Ultimo, Sydney

                Finalist, Hazelhurst Art Award 2009, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Gymea               

2008       ‘Tank Project’, City of Sydney By George! Art in the Laneways, Sydney

                 NAVA Janet Holmes à Court Artists’ Grant

                 Finalist, John Leslie Art Prize, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale

                 Finalist, ‘New Social Commentary 08’, Warrnambool Art Gallery, Warrnambool

2007       Residency – Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Gymea

                Finalist, Redlands Westpac Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney

2005       Finalist, ABN AMRO Emerging Artist Award, Sydney

2004       Residency – Toos Neger Studio, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

2003       Finalist, The Robert Jacks Drawing Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery, Bendigo

1993       Jacob Mendelson Scholarship


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Artist Books and Films

2011       Mars Gravity Simulator –

2010       Mars or Bust – DVD 1min 17secs

2008       Tank Project – DVD 4mins 44secs

                Reverse Shoes Demonstration – DVD 1min 28secs

2007       Camouflage Suit Experiment – DVD 9mins 59secs

2006       How to Turn a Car into a Nuclear Shelter – DVD 4mins 30secs

                Manual for Generic Escape Capsule, hard-cover, perfect bound, 12 pages

2005       Adam Norton – 2005, selected drawings

2004       Brochure 2 – The Amplified Man Project, Zigoto Press

2003       Brochure 1 – Homemade Devices for Dealing with Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Attack


Artbank, Sydney

Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, NSW

College of Fine Arts Student Association, University of NSW

College of Fine Arts Library, University of NSW

Exeter College, Oxford University, UK

Griffith University Art Collection, Brisbane

Malvern College, Worcestershire, UK

PrintROOM, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

University of Wollongong Art Collection Private collections in Australia and the UK