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Herbarium | Dena Kahan

Herbarium extends Dena Kahan's exploration of the natural history museum, taking as her subject the collection of antique botanical models at the University of Melbourne ...

Hyper-Botanica | a group exhibition at Gallerysmith

A group exhibition featuring represented and guests artists: Penelope Aitken, Monika Behrens, Belinda Fox, Junko Go, Fiona Hiscock, Matilda Julian, Dena Kahan, Sam Michelle, Catherine Nelson and Andrew Seward.

Weird Ceramic | a group exhibition at Gippsland Art Gallery

With its basis in the 1970s arts/craft movement, contemporary ceramics has one eye on the past while looking forward to new forms, techniques and processes. Weird Ceramic is a survey of the strange and peculiar in current practice among Australian ceramicists. Curated by Simon Gregg, it features twenty-seven works by practitioners Glenn Barkley, Stephen Bird,…

Pandemonium | Charmaine Pike

Pandemonium, an exhibition of paintings by Charmaine Pike. “My landscapes mostly look inwards exploring psychological tension. ...

An Imperfect Balance | Ngaio Lenz

Ngaio Lenz responds to weathered surfaces that embody a sense of history. Lenz's paintings reveal an intrigue for the well-worn surface.

Blind Faith | Martin King

In Blind Faith, Martin King explores relationships that exist in the natural world through a series of large drawings.

overundersidewaysdown | a group exhibition curated by Glenn Barkley

OVERUNDERSIDEWAYSDOWN explores ceramics present currency within the art world and the reasons why it is of such interest to artists. This exhibition excavates the foundations of this interest and brings together artists, some of whom have long careers with ceramics stretching back decades, and others whose engagement with it has irrevocably changed the way they…

The Studio | Andrew Seward

The Studio is an ambitious body of work that demonstrates the breadth and depth of Andrew Seward’s artistic practice.

City Ghosts | Ian Friend

Ian Friend’s latest body of work, City Ghosts, relates to a suite of poems by indigenous poet Sam Wagan Watson, dealing with memories of growing up in Brisbane.

The Trade: A Selection | Eric Bridgeman

Bridgeman’s new body of work, The Trade, is an ongoing series which refers to notions of exchange between cultures, both in a political and social context.

Inheritance | an exhibition by guest artist Liam Benson

Inheritance features photographic and embroidery works by guest artist Liam Benson. This body of work confronts the culture of privilege, war, genocide, persecution and conversion as methods of oppression which create a structure of power for an antagonistic majority.

Country | Fiona Hiscock

Country is a solo exhibition featuring a collection of Fiona Hiscock's utilitarian ceramics which use nature for decorative inspiration.

Landscape Narratives | Ngaio Lenz

Informed by the natural processes of weather, time, cause and effect, Ngaio Lenz’ work celebrates the beauty of a well-worn surface and an aesthetic of imperfection.

A Sense of Place | Robbie Harmsworth

A series of pencil and watercolour landscapes drawing from Harmsworth childhood memories, resulting in images which are distorted, vivid and exaggerated.

Sydney Contemporary, 2015


Jennifer Goodman featured in the second iteration of Sydney Contemporary at Carriageworks in Sydney.

District | Rachel Coad

Rachel Coad’s paintings in District depict rural Australians in the post war era.

Apropos | Jennifer Goodman

A series of collage works through which Goodman's free-form shapes move, bend, overlap & swerve.

Winter Solstice 1 | a group exhibition

Winter Solstice 1 was an exhibition comprising paintings and works on paper, all celebrating the astronomical transition from the shortest day of the year.

Forest of Dreams | Martin King

Forest of Dreams uses the lyrebird as a symbol of beauty, mystery and exuberance. King's works synthesise the human and the animal, beauty and the macabre, nature and ‘nature morte’.

Landforms & Lagoons | Sue Lovegrove + Charmaine Pike

This duo-solo exhibition expresses two contrasting views of the natural environment – one which looks upward to the dry crags and peaks that puncture the earth’s crust and one which delves below the surface into the swampy depths of lakes, tarns and lagoons.

Wundergarten | Ted May

There is a feeling of wonder in Ted May’s new series of works, which reference objects as diverse as ancient Greek vases to paintings from the modernist period. May’s new paintings include monolithic vases filled with alien floral arrangements, stacked and discarded fragments and abstracted, entwined figures, set on a low horizon against a deep blue ground.

Un-Still Life | Junko Go

Employing still life as metaphor, Junko Go’s work in Un-Still Life represents her subjective reflections on life.

Echo / Palimpsest | Ian Friend

For more than 30 years, Ian Friend has developed subtle and evocative works on paper that reflect his longstanding engagement with jazz, poetry and architecture.

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