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Further to Fly | Jennifer Goodman

With its reference to Paul Simon's 1990 song, Further to Fly, Jennifer Goodman explores the power of abstraction to express the range of emotional states, and notions of possibility.

Cloudlight | Neville French

My porcelain vessels are inspired by the silent spaces and ephemeral effects of light, weather and time in the local environment.

In this new series of works I have turned to the mystery and beauty of skies; the stillness and soft changes of light in clouds at dawn and dusk and the feelings evoked.

Lost in Translation | Christopher Pease

Lost in Translation is a body of work which brings together a series of historical images which are recontextualised to redress stories of the past told through a western lens. It refers to to the myriad ways in which Indigenous culture is lost, misinterpreted or misunderstood.

Gold-Chip | a group exhibition

This end of year exhibition offers the opportunity to acquire from a selection of hand-picked small works by each of our represented artists. Guests must register to attend by emailing

Stolen Unknown | Clinton Naina

In a return to a most poignant medium to convey his experience, Stolen Unknown is Clinton Naina's latest collection of works. Clinton blends found objects and materials which hold cultural significance and personal importance with White King bleach to record stories of stolen culture, family, country and language.

The Days Run Away | Ian Friend

In Friend’s works these have been variously described as windows; as auditory membranes; as acknowledgements of architecture; as responses to literature and to life itself. These fluid expanses of muted muteness invite interpretations of liminality. The equivocal nature of their forms insinuates processes of becoming as well as those of dissolution. - Pat Hoffle AM, November 2020

Sydney Contemporary 2021 | Explore

Gallerysmith Presents Kate Ballis, Dadang Christanto, Fiona Hiscock, Susanne Kerr, Waldemar Kolbusz and Catherine Nelson at Sydney Contemporary Explore 2021.

Human Traces | Susanne Kerr

Susanne Kerr's exhibition, Human Traces comprises quiet allegories that mimic life, just as theatre speaks to the human experience.  The works present culture and the natural environment in scenes abundant with birds, flowers, ribbons and women to explore social connections – spoken and unspoken – that bind people together, and the double-edged sword of how human survival and the depletion of the earth’s resources are interwoven.

Sedimentary Stories | Larissa Warren

I like the hidden and forgotten stories that a place holds in its geology and its people. Often buried by time these stories...

Pentimenti | Adriane Strampp

The ghost of dormant memories are often elusive, existing among layers of soft matter, quietly and compliantly waiting to be recalled.

Hello Darkness | Junko Go

In 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic offered us one of life’s greatest encounters with darkness. All of our certainties were thrown into question; fear and darkness lurked in the back of our minds. 

Dealing with darkness as a subject matter is a timely proposition.

Blink | Sam Michelle

With a soft earthy palette and more complex compositions, Sam Michelle’s Blink collection explores the elusive concept of time; how years occur in real time yet pass in an instant, leaving but a trace of a lived experience.


In this time like no other, Gallerysmith has brought together a curated selection of artists' experiences of 2020 with this online exhibition 2020 (REAR) VISION. This exhibition draws artists from both within and beyond Gallerysmith and aims to provide a snapshot, as a social history record of a most unusual and challenging time. It contains work which is reflective, responsive, reactive and importantly, honest.

Surrounded by Cactus | Dadang Christanto

Dadang Christanto was born and grew up on Java, the largest island in Indonesia. In this tropical environment, cactus and succulents were not familiar to the landscape and only ever seen at the cinema or on tv.

Infra Realism: Lilac Lux | Kate Ballis

Kate Ballis' exhibition Infra-Realism 2021 revisits the wild and wonderful Palm Springs. Working with a converted infrared digital camera Ballis creates a saturated space between reality and the surreal.

When observations become form | Lee Salomone

When observations become form draws upon what ABC international affairs journalist Stan Grant refers to as the three founding realities that comprise Australia: First Nation People, the British tradition, and the richness of migration. A fourth thread evolved during the course of the exhibition, the Australian landscape.

Wanderland | Lori Pensini

Gallerysmith is delighted to present Lori Pensini's solo exhibition at Gallerysmith this November.

Hothouse | Dena Kahan

Dena Kahan’s new body of work, Hothouse, continues her investigation into museum collections, taking as her subject the antique botanical models in the collection of the University of Melbourne Herbarium and the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences in Sydney...

A Rare Bird in the Lands | Eva Fernandez

Throughout European history, literature, music and theatre, the black swan has been attributed with dark symbolism, having a sinister and seductive association with evil. In this her first solo exhibition at Gallerysmith, Fernandez repositions the swan, and other emblematic flora and fauna representative of Western Australian identity, as trenchant symbols, to explore dark undertones of the state's brutal history.

Sydney Contemporary presents 2020…

Gallerysmith is excited to present the works of Kate Ballis, Penny Byrne, Fiona Hiscock, Waldemar Kolbusz and Catherine Nelson in Sydney Contemporary presents 2020...
Click for further details.

Habitat | Fiona Hiscock

After bushfires which ravaged large parts of Victoria and New South Wales in 2019/20, Fiona Hiscock considers the fauna impacted by these catastrophic events through loss of habitat. Her large scale ceramic vessels provide the canvas upon which she paints a range of native bird species and plants from coastal Victoria, from far east Gippsland to the Otway forest.

Fragment(ed) | Belinda Fox

Belinda Fox's exhibition (developed during the height of a global health pandemic) explores the fragility of a fragment(ed) world. Her works responds to this time of uncertainty with delicate images of profound beauty.

Liminality | Kate Ballis

Photographed on the Isle of Skye using a converted full spectrum camera and an infrared filter, Kate Ballis reinstates Scotland’s mythological fairies as a statuesque powerful goddesses. The series considers the myth of Cailleach who created the mountains with fire and carved them with ice, and depicts this with blood like feminine forms.

For the chance of it | Waldemar Kolbusz

For his debut exhibition at Gallerysmith, Waldemar Kolbusz brings together an exhilarating new body of paintings inspired by both his recent travels and experiences closer to home.

Colour | Jennifer Goodman

Simply titled Colour, Jennifer Goodman's newest body of work examines colour relationships and compositions in a bid to tease out the primary drivers of her work. This exhibition comprises large scale paintings, complemented by some smaller works on linen, exquisite tapestries and delicate works on paper.

Interzone | Tim Allen

In his second solo exhibition at Gallerysmith (his 20th career exhibition), Tim Allen presents a series of works derived from his recent Queensland residency courtesy of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

The Space Between | Isobel Clement

Isobel Clement's works are quiet meditations on tone and form, looking at simple still life compositions with a focus on the space between objects, the fall of shadow and the play of light on surface.
This solo exhibition highlights recent examples of Isobel Clement's studio practice.

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