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GOLD CHIP | one-night-only exhibition

Gallerysmith closes the 2023 curtain on December 12 with the annual exhibition, GOLD CHIP. At this one-night-only event, the gallery presents a selection of smaller works by its represented artists, and all are available to take home on the night. Marita Smith says, “Gold Chip is our annual celebration which not only highlights our artists, but…

Influorescence | Kate Ballis and Tom Blachford

Taking its name from the portmanteau of inflorescence and fluorescent, this new series is a collaboration between creative and life partners Kate Ballis and Tom Blachford.

Musica Callada | Ian Friend

Musica Callada. Silent Music. Quiet Music. Secret Music. Shy Music. Circumspect Music.

Music Without Sound

“La Musica Callada, la Soledad Sonora”
“Silent Music, Resonant Solitude”
San Juan de la Cruz

Keep One Eye on the Times and One Eye on the Timeless | Junko Go

With the passage of time, some things move dramatically and others hardly alter. It takes us a while, but sooner or later, after a few decades, we come to understand that nothing lasts forever. Time is something that everyone thinks they understand, but in reality, it’s remarkably ambiguous and elusive.

Sydney Contemporary 2023

Gallerysmith is delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2023. Sydney Contemporary will be running from Thursday, September 7th - Sunday September 10th

DRIFTW O  O  D | Lisa Sewards

'Driftwood is my new body of work that echos displacement. Silhouettes of human figures traverse and drift over atmospheric mountains and sea forests. My inspiration is drawn from murmurs of family memories and beautiful pertinent words in poetry...'

Grandma Tells to Granddaughter | Dadang Christanto

Dadang Christanto's works are overtly political and deeply human, unafraid of the inconvenient truth. His compassionate and unwavering devotion to honouring the victims of crimes against humanity is evident in this newest body of work. Contact the gallery to receive an e-catalogue for Dadang Christanto.

Shift | Isobel Clement

The still life paintings of Isobel Clement present a liminal space where time and space fold into, over and around, one another. Shift presents a survey of paintings that journal the subtle developments in Isobel Clement’s practice over the past eight years. Throughout this period an evolution of her rendering technique is evident, yet the same collection of unassuming domestic tableware has remained constant, weathering the flux of perception and existence.

My Own Art History | Gosia Wlodarczak

In the series of works for “My own Art History” exhibition I shall look, through the eyes and mind of a contemporary woman, at selected paintings from art history and try to find the strongest emotion which in my view forms creating the essence of the selected work.

His Colony | Clinton Naina

In this new exhibition, Naina returns to his signature medium bleach, which he uses to sear photogram-esque silhouettes onto surfaces. Bleach being an apt metaphor for colonisation, which he has used in this exhibition in combination with luscious green textiles and paper, alongside his classic black textiles. In this new series, the bold and rich hues of the rainforest reflect Country, the land which is being systematically destroyed by ‘His Colony’.

Motherland | Sam Michelle

On Sunday April 16th at 6pm, we will release a new body of small works on paper by Sam Michelle. To receive notification of this event, join our mailing list and select Sam Michelle as your 'artist of interest'.

Kind of World | Stephen Pleban

Pleban explores the uncertainty of our altered relationship with the natural world and in dream-like depictions, examines the imaginative interplay between light and dark, night and day, and our desire to discover new ways of sensing, learning and being. The images are other-worldly but grounded in behaviours, gestures and relationships that enable connection.

Proscenium | Wilma Tabacco

I often wonder whether having been born in the high peaks of the Central Apennine mountains in Italy, where to look down onto troughs and distant valleys – and in winter even clouds – influences my understanding of space in ways that even I can’t comprehend.  Many of my paintings look like aerial views, something to fly over rather than view from solid ground. This has the effect of drawing a viewer closer to the work and then propelling them away, backwards to safer ground.

Rendering Chance | Lee Salomone

"We were raised in a religious family and I seem to have inherited the found object calling. They fling themselves at me, landing between my feet, or gently tap me on the shoulder. Even in faraway continents they speak in dialects that I understand. Their requests are always identical...

Riverbend | Tim Allen

"‘Riverbend’ is initially a specific location but then becomes a launching point to create an imagined and remembered sense of place. This is an immersive landscape, one to experience temporally, to move through at leisure. The landscape exists as a vehicle for reflection in both senses of the word...


Gallerysmith launches its 2023 exhibition program with a group exhibition which celebrates 15 years of gallery operations. This exhibition features works by more than 50 artists who have shown at the gallery between 2008 and 2023....


A group exhibition of small works by Gallerysmith artists.

Open/Closed | Wilma Tabacco

"The complex, sharply angled forms created by the metallic foils in Wilma Tabacco’s work leave a residue of fragments, rough edged, light as feathers. Like the clouds of ash, softer than snow, which arise from volcanic activity these disiecta membra appear to have drifted down on to the surfaces of the Dreamscapes, where they are gripped and held..." Excerpt from 2013 essay by Sophia Errey.

Wunderkammer | Dena Kahan

Dena Kahan’s Wunderkammer exhibition revisits archival sources that have informed her work since 2008 – nineteenth century botanical and zoological models made from glass or papier-mâché. When Kahan was unable to travel during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, she journeyed back through her own records of prior research trips ......
excerpt from catalogue essay by Saskia Beudel

Edith Cowan: An Extraordinary Woman | Eva Fernandez

As the invited artist to undertake the 2021 Parliament House Artist Residency in collaboration with School of Arts & Humanities at Edith Cowan University, I have created a series of photographic works acknowledging and celebrating the revolutionary Edith Cowan on the centenary of becoming the first woman to be elected to an Australian parliament.

Atlantis | Kate Ballis

I started the project by researching a lot of the mythologies and explorations surrounding Atlantis and the story I wanted to tell was an amalgamation of Plato’s story of Atlantis in Timaeus and Critias (c 360BCE), the history of the Minoan Civilisation and the new age concepts of Atlantis

Regenerate | Fiona Hiscock

“My ceramic objects depict a range of location specific species including Banksia Serrata which grows along the eastern Victorian coastline and Snow Gum found in high country along with bird species found throughout Victoria. I spend as much time as I can in the natural world. I walk, camp and observe particular trees of interest to me, and the birds and insects that live within the confines of a particular species.

Sydney Contemporary 2022

After a three year hiatus, Sydney Contemporary returned to Carriageworks in September. Featuring more than 80 outstanding galleries, the fair showcases the very best of Australian contemporary art. We exhibited Clinton Naina, Gosia Wlodarczak, Ash Keating, Waldemar Kolbusz and Fiona Hiscock.

Balance | Sam Michelle

Sam Michelle’s latest solo exhibition, Balance, represents a personal journey of healing and realignment of mind and body from a precarious and unbalanced state. Michelle expresses the experiences she has endured and the strategies she implemented in the journey towards a more balanced life.

Raggedy Man | Jade Pegler

A tulpa is an imagined being brought to life - as simulacra they are made rather than born. The faces of RAGGEDY MAN are not quite human, rather they are products of imagination. Though strange and even monstrous they offer the comfort and familiarity of the rag doll. Fabric is stained with pigments bound with soy, patched and layered in a collage-like process, then stitched and quilted by hand and machine. Thread binds the works together, filling mouths and eyes as though revealing inner structure or masking something secret. Like time-worn puppets or masks they mutely await animation.

The Cloth We Share | Gosia Wlodarczak

The Cloth We Share is Gosia Wlodarczak's debut solo exhibition at Gallerysmith. Wlodarczak’s drawing performances, usually developed over a number of days, see her making hundreds of thousands of marks on architectural surfaces and objects within a space; walls and ceilings (shadow drawings), windows (frost drawings) and furniture (dustcovers)

Spring Comes | Emma Walker

After the slow, internal atmosphere of Winter, Spring arrives with it’s playful buoyancy. In times of difficulty it can be hard to recall that nothing is static and that change will inevitably come.

Big Sky Country | Lori Pensini

With family being central to her fine art practice, Lori Pensini develops work which portrays strength of character, resilience and fortitude. Over many years, she has created a unique and distinctive 'language of flowers' which aligns the characteristics of local native botanicals with the virtues of her subjects. This new works includes a large series of portraits of men and women, boys and girls from her family, along with a number of panoramic landscape paintings.

Love is Back | Waldemar Kolbusz

A new body of work which explores our addiction to heightened emotions and ever greater experiences. These new Kolbusz works purposefully play with an unquiet which lies just beneath the surface. Kolbusz wants us to unpack the desires and feelings we subconsciously seek which satisfy the universal need for love and acceptance.

The River Flows Through You | Sue Lovegrove

Contemplating the surface and it's depths, Sue Lovegrove's new series is a meditation on the fleeting nature of life in water – the constantly shifting light patterns, the melancholy darkness and the movement of wind across the surface. In these delicate and detailed mixed media compositions, Lovegrove reflects and ponders the dark, enigmatic, and at times abstract worlds of wetlands, swamps and the tannin-stained creeks of Tasmania.

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