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2014 Melbourne Art Fair – Kirstin Berg

Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

The 2014 Melbourne Art Fair is Australia's premier fair, featuring artists from leading contemporary art galleries and hosted in the grand Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens.

The Fall – Kirstin Berg

The Fall examines the ongoing relentless cycle of collapse, dispersion and reinvention that occurs in nature and within ourselves. The four works in this series derive from the artist's awe of life and preoccupation with death and the tenuous space…

Monument – Kirstin Berg

Monument was developed from Kirstin Berg's reflections about the randomness of life and the tenuous space that separates life from death. The four large works in the exhibition reference the Australian bush where the artist grew up. They signify the…

Out of the Darkness – a group exhibition at Gallerysmith

When shadows lurk in the darkness, senses heighten, sound is amplified, the pulse races, unease escalates. While light allows us to see, the darkness makes us feel. Out of the Darkness examines some of these sensory responses by bringing together…

Shift – Kirstin Berg

Hovering somewhere between sculpture, collage and drawing, these rubbed, scored, burnt and washed pieces of paper become the vehicle for a seductive visual dialogue that spans both material and pictorial concerns. Each paper component carries with it a conflicting sense…

New Ground – Kirstin Berg

The shifting ground beneath Kirstin Berg's feet stimulates the artist's need to create order from chaos. While her relief-montages are somewhat literal in their depiction, the harsh contrasts between light and shade mirror the psychological states found in times of…

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