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Shift/Split | a solo exhibition by guest artist Joe Scerri

Through intense conflagrations of explosive black markings, Joe Scerri imagines invisible worlds which occupy physical spaces that are blemished and tainted by repetitive human presence. The ink drawings on paper in Split / Shift are dynamic and in a constant…

Hyper-Botanica | a group exhibition at Gallerysmith

A group exhibition featuring represented and guests artists: Penelope Aitken, Monika Behrens, Belinda Fox, Junko Go, Fiona Hiscock, Matilda Julian, Dena Kahan, Sam Michelle, Catherine Nelson and Andrew Seward.

Pandemonium | Charmaine Pike

Pandemonium, an exhibition of paintings by Charmaine Pike. “My landscapes mostly look inwards exploring psychological tension. ...

The Sky’s No Limit | Lyndal Hargrave

In The Sky’s No Limit Hargrave’s previous ruminations on interconnectedness take on a more ethereal and otherworldly direction.

Inheritance | an exhibition by guest artist Liam Benson

Inheritance features photographic and embroidery works by guest artist Liam Benson. This body of work confronts the culture of privilege, war, genocide, persecution and conversion as methods of oppression which create a structure of power for an antagonistic majority.

MCollection Art Award 2015 + Magda Cebokli, Set Square

17 October - 8 November 2015 MCollection Art Award Now in its second year, this award exhibition, exclusively for unrepresented Victorian artists, showcased 29 works including painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography. Brad Rusbridge (artwork below) was announced the winner of the…

Winter Solstice 1 | a group exhibition

Winter Solstice 1 was an exhibition comprising paintings and works on paper, all celebrating the astronomical transition from the shortest day of the year. The exhibition featured works by: Ian Friend, Jennifer Goodman, Ngaio Lenz, Stephen Ormandy, Christopher Pease and Lee Salomone

Break Up Album | Mike Chavez

Mike Chavez is well known for his irreverent approach to sensitive topics. In Break Up Album, Chavez turns some common break-up platitudes on their head and in doing so, offers some playful insights to the tenuous world of personal relationships.

Wundergarten | Ted May

There is a feeling of wonder in Ted May’s new series of works, which reference objects as diverse as ancient Greek vases to paintings from the modernist period. May’s new paintings include monolithic vases filled with alien floral arrangements, stacked and discarded fragments and abstracted, entwined figures, set on a low horizon against a deep blue ground.

Echo / Palimpsest | Ian Friend

For more than 30 years, Ian Friend has developed subtle and evocative works on paper that reflect his longstanding engagement with jazz, poetry and architecture.

2014 exhibitions at Gallerysmith

2014 exhibitions at Gallerysmith including artists Jennifer Goodman, Dena Kahan, Robbie Harmsworth, Andrew Seward, and the 2014 MCollection Art Award.

Monument – Kirstin Berg

Monument was developed from Kirstin Berg's reflections about the randomness of life and the tenuous space that separates life from death. The four large works in the exhibition reference the Australian bush where the artist grew up. They signify the…

Shift – Kirstin Berg

Hovering somewhere between sculpture, collage and drawing, these rubbed, scored, burnt and washed pieces of paper become the vehicle for a seductive visual dialogue that spans both material and pictorial concerns. Each paper component carries with it a conflicting sense…

New Ground – Kirstin Berg

The shifting ground beneath Kirstin Berg's feet stimulates the artist's need to create order from chaos. While her relief-montages are somewhat literal in their depiction, the harsh contrasts between light and shade mirror the psychological states found in times of…

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