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Stolen Unknown | Clinton Naina

In a return to a most poignant medium to convey his experience, Stolen Unknown is Clinton Naina's latest collection of works. Clinton blends found objects and materials which hold cultural significance and personal importance with White King bleach to record stories of stolen culture, family, country and language.


In this time like no other, Gallerysmith has brought together a curated selection of artists' experiences of 2020 with this online exhibition 2020 (REAR) VISION. This exhibition draws artists from both within and beyond Gallerysmith and aims to provide a snapshot, as a social history record of a most unusual and challenging time. It contains work which is reflective, responsive, reactive and importantly, honest.

Passive Aggressive Power | Clinton Naina

In his first exhibition since joining Gallerysmith in 2018, Clinton Nain reveals a new series of paintings exploring the impact of power structures imposed since colonisation.

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