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Gallerysmith artist Eva Fernandez has three works featured in Crossroads 2022, an exhibition curated by Ted Snell and Danielle Fusco at Edith Cowan University’s Gallery25.

Crossroads presents a small selection of works currently held by Edith Cowan University as a point of discussion, a prompt for further exploration, a moment of reflection and a catalyst for further creative practice.

Fernandez’s 3 works are from the 2016 Heresy to Heredity series, a body of work which focuses on her own cultural displacement and dislocation through her immigrant experience.

“As I negotiate my own pluralistic cultural identity in context to contemporary issues of global displacement and migration as well as Diaspora in the 20th century, I use the history of my Spanish heritage to blend and embed in these contemporary works, echoing narratives and images from a bygone era which also resonate in present times.” Eva Fernandez, 2016

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