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Eric Bridgeman on the cover of two art magazines

Eric Bridgeman, Okuk Highway, Wahgi Valley (front), 170x60cm

We are excited to see Eric Bridgeman on the cover of the August issue of Art Monthly and the upcoming issue of Art Guide.

Bridgeman’s hand painted shields which featured in his recent solo exhibition at Gallerysmith, explore the theatre of ‘tribal warfare’ in the PNG highlands, which mimics the drama, colour and trickery seen in its national sport, Rugby League. His people, the Yuri Alaiku clan of the Gumine district in Simbu Province, have crafted shields (Kuman) with bold, optically stunning motifs for countless generations and these traditions have shaped Eric’s current practice. The ‘shield’ is one from a series of 30 works from his recent show.

Eric is also currently exhibiting a selection of shields from My Brother and The Beast at SNO gallery in Sydney.

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