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Title: Ride
Artist: Waldemar Kolbusz
Year: 2020
Medium: oil on linen
Dimensions: 153x153cm
Price: $ 16,000

Presentation: Framed in a black stained timber shadow frame.

Notes: Featured in Sydney Contemporary presents 2020 …

Kolbusz continues his investigation into identity and context with this new painting, Ride. This work is a scene from a random snap taken with the artist’s phone through a car window in Athens in 2018. Hovering between abstraction and figuration, this painting lacks the romance of a holiday snap and expresses the immediacy of a moment – a mobile phone shop, air conditioners, stored outdoor furniture, a taxi, yet also devoid of people… Kolbusz says, “I have kept this image close to me, and wonder how details would have been missed if I hadn’t taken the picture and what that could mean.”
With work which makes fleeting moments last, this strangely beautiful painting is about the present and presence.
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