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Land Release 3

Title: Land Release 3
Artist: Christopher Pease
Year: 2011
Medium: oil on linen
Dimensions: 90x127cm
Price: $ 23,500

Presentation: framed in a dark timber shadow frame

Gallery notes: This painting is from the series 2012 Welcome to Country, which references a series of etchings made by French explorer Louis de Sainson in 1826. With a title which refers to a tract of land earmarked for development, silhouettes are all that remain of the Minang figures in de Sainsons’ original drawing, to express a loss of country and culture after colonisation. The solitary female is covered in a French indigenous apple-flower wallpaper design, similar to those used to decorate colonial houses and as a marker of the domestic chores which were forced upon young Aboriginal girls as part of their assimilation into white society. The dominant background wallpaper pattern is derived from a cross section through Banksia seeds, like those made popular during the Victorian-era. This series is accompanied by a full illustrated 36 page catalogue.

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