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Gallerysmith is delighted to announce that we now represent contemporary artist Lee Salomone.

Artist Lee Salomone graduated from the South Australian School of Art in 1991. He works in a range of media – including installation, photography, sculpture and works on paper. His work addresses both the contemporary world around him and his cultural heritage, with Italian peasant traditions having provided a life-long source of inspiration for his practice. 

Fundamentally a story-teller, Salomone makes use of the ‘existing’. He combines physical objects that (mostly) belonged to his family with lived experiences and observations to create narrative, history and memory, both national and personal. Salomone describes his works as ‘contemporary artefacts’, a term which aptly describes his work.

Salomone has presented more than 25 solo shows and been curated to more than 60 group exhibitions in his career both here and in Berlin. Exhibitions of note include Palimpsest (1999–01, 2009), at Mildura Arts Centre, Breeding Ground (2008) at Jam Factory, Adelaide, and CACSA Contemporary 2010: THE NEW NEW (2010) at Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Adelaide.

Though Salomone joins us formally as a represented artist in 2021, this current show is his third solo with us. The first two, The Beauty of Small Moments in 2014 and Bronze Age in 2016 were exhibited in our Project Space.

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